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What use had he for two sets of keys? The first for himself, surely, this much was clear. But what of the second? To his parents, it might be suggested, but he would rather not. His mother would clean and reorganize while he was away, and never again would(more)
He won't let me go.
And I mean that twice.
I have a key that opens both doors.
I know what the right answer is,
That doesn't mean I know the right thing to do about it all.
Just because it's right doesn't mean it's right for me.
Trust. Trust is letting someone walk into your life and settle in. And for us, it's quite a bit closer than that.

My home. My wolf den. It's open to a lot of people. Friends can knock, some even know when I leave the door unlocked so the(more)
there are two sets of keys;
one to my heart,
and one to my soul.
after I gave you both,
you swallowed the keys,
and walked away. (more)
He awoke in a dark, cavernous room, with a small pedestal in its center. A small light shining from seemingly nothingness illuminated the pedestal, and resting on it were two sets of keys. About ten paces behind the pedestal, two doors stood silently, stoic and unforgiving. A choice. (more)
He was running rings around those peelers, outsmarting them at every turn. By now it was practically a game! Honestly, he couldn't offer any more help short of handing himself in. He's given them warnings, given them targets, given them times, and still, still, still! They fall behind. It(more)
One key for the future, one for the past.

Both lay firmly in your hands.

Going back means traveling the same road twice, at the cost of  what, in time, may shed light.


Would you rather repeat old nightmares or discover new ones?

There are two sets of keys to me. They unlock all of the doors that stand between who I am and what people are allowed to see me as. I don't actually need a set. I know how to pick all of the locks and know all of the(more)
The two sets of keys are in your pocket.

One to your house,
and one to my car.

I let you drive and (more)
One was for my shadow. It never rusted.
Left or right, only one of them opens a door.

If you choose the left, you return to your dead end job with your lovely wife and kids. You're reading them a bed time story and you're hating yourself for never taking a chance. You'll always wonder if(more)
There are two sets of keys to the house, but the other doesn't know about that. He only knows what the second will allow. Which is to say, not much. He doesn't know about the keys or the cameras or the wiretaps. He doesn't even have the slightest idea(more)
I remember two sets of keys on the guard's ring. I'd seen him unlock the dungeon entrance (a massive, cast-iron behemoth) with one, and the other set remained a mystery. Until tonight.

From my hiding spot, I tracked his progress along the usual path. As he lumbered past(more)
They say that every day lived is a world of new opportunities. When one door closes, two more open to a host of beginnings, each filled to the brim with the swirling colors and promises of a better life. They say that those who work earn, and that success(more)
Two sets of keys aren't necessary, my friend.  I possess the only needed set; one for the lock on the door, and one for the lock on the drawer.  There are no other keys, nor have there ever been.  Besides, these are old keys and old locks, you couldn't simply have the(more)