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The mason lays his bricks
his hands caked in mortar
the writer scribbles his words
his hand cramped and cold
In unison they create the universe
Forever turning on the lathe (more)
The kitchen is a disaster
but don't blame me.
Rumi came over for lunch today,
and we wined at noon.

The wind whirled and whipped (more)
Use cute turns of phrase
like whiskeyditch kerouacing and house of no walls
and tell edgy jokes (why is 6 scared of 7? 'Cause 7 8 9),
gonna get you happy, get you laid.
Send for a diploma from a closed school, (more)
A short hike to alpine heaven and we're at the Evegreen Mountain Fire Lookout. The views are amazing, the wildflowers more colorful than you can imagine, and the bugs are biting furiously.

OK, so maybe "heaven" was a little hyperbolic. But it's difficult not to go overboard on(more)
"This world is just a turn of phrase penned by a fool," Sara said.

"Well, good to know you haven't given up," he remarked.
“You thought I was in love with you? You actually thought I was in love with you!”  I burst out laughing and he looked like a complete idiot.  “Donovan, sweetheart, I know we dated for close to six months but I was not anywhere in the vicinity of in love with(more)
i was in a part of town that i wasn't especially familiar with but i knew i had a pretty extreme craving for a pulled pork sandwich, and even though it would appear most everything on the block was a gay bar or a gay sex shop i'm very(more)