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"Colonel," Riza Hawkeye said, standing before his desk. "I am not sure that I approve of what is going on between you and Edward."

Roy looked up from his paperwork - he had reports on hand he could easily go to whenever the door to his office opened,(more)
I trusted you with secrets no one ever knew
You ended up manipulating me
I started falling for you
Turns out I wasn't your cup of tea
I want you to remember how bad you made me feel
All the pain and heart-ache that will never heal (more)
Trust me. Or don't. Whatever works.

Whatever makes you happy,
Whatever makes you feel better about
Your little existence,
Whatever makes you feel higher on the totem pole of life
Than some little picnic ant, far away in a shrubbery.

Trust is a funny sort of thing. Most people do it once, and never again. Like jumping off a cliff, or getting in a fist fight. You do it once. It's beautiful, in a way. Exhilirating, at the very least. Fearless. You'll do it once, and if you survive(more)
There were not that many people in this world that Adrian Avalon trusted. His sister topped the list, she was a horrible liar, especially to him. Sebastian came next, he could lie, but never saw the point to it. His grandparents followed so close behind him that he couldn't(more)
Relieving of tension. That's why we trust people to pick up our kids, keep a secret or have our lives on the battlefield. It's to displace the stress onto others who can handle it. Does that mean that trusting people are overly stressed?
When it comes to trust
The world may as well
Be made of glass
For when it is tried
Against the stand of time
The rime of winter (more)
I told her I missed her. She wrote back that she loved me still. I told her summer was coming. She wrote back that she knew. She wrote back that it was hard being alone, but that in her dreams we were still together. We still made love in(more)
Her arms are like a silk noose around his neck as she leans against him, velvet locks whispering against his cheek. He can feel her breath upon his ear when she tells him to trust her. A week ago he would've pushed her away, easily rejecting her serpentine caress,(more)
"Look," he sighs, "I'm not gonna drop you. Just jump!"

The other boy shakes his head frantically, still clinging to the tree branch he's currently dangling from. "No! You failed PE, remember? I'll take my chances with the tree, thanks!"
You had my trust.
You said you trusted me too.
I believed you.
Now, I dont know if I can trust anything you say anymore.