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True beauty; interesting trigger, to me at least.  I see it as a 'true phrase', that only humans could understand.  Really, how can you explain it to an animal? It's totally a human concept.  Did it start with the neanderthals?
She's asleep next to you, her dark blond hair splayed out over the pillow.
You should be sleeping, too, but you had been woken by the barking dog in the apartment next door. She didn't wake up, she never did. She could sleep through a goddamn earthquake or (more)
Reading inspiring stories from amazing individuals. The special moments they create through helping someone else. A touching article I read in newspaper one day. A traveler was in a foreign country and experienced an unexpected baggage fee. As she goes to withdraw cash, but ATM didn't budge. When she(more)
    The fear was still there as sweat began to cover me as if to save me from myself. A protected layer it was that I became invisible to all the people around me. In a nervous rut I began to fix my hair moving it to the right(more)
Like a warm ray of sun, the gaze you ensnare me with is unnwavering. A bond which no earthly force can break. We twirl in the midday sun, absolved of all worries and depression. That moment which I recognize the sight I beheld so long ago. The person whom(more)
   I came to the clearing of white barked forest. in the middle of the clearing there was a huge stump the size of a kings bed and on that stump a faun played a flute.
   He had brown fur, black hooves and two short horns sprouted fro(more)