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     Caffeine and alcohol and the millions of vitamins and minerals advertised on these supposedly all-natural juice concoctions don't seem to mix well. There are poisons that writhe in the base of my skull and a heaving serpent awakens in the pit of my stomach.
     I'm staring(more)
every morning an empty space in our bed
every morning my lonely fingers splayed across cold sheets
every morning too much coffee in the coffee pot
every morning the place you should be like a vise holding me into place
every morning a trembling breath as i check th(more)
silent forest where
a trembling leaf foretells the
coming violence
I live with my grandmother. She's a gentle old lady who does not like confrontation, enjoys watching Jeopardy and The Waltons, and used to be a wizard at blowing bubble gum.  

My grandmother's sister lives next door. (more)
     The road  stretched out before him, the yellow lines whizzing by in a blur as he drove toward the outskirts of the city. He couldn't believe what he was doing. He grinned and laughed to himself- a nervous, trembling wreck with sweaty palms clutching the steering wheel. He shifted(more)
Do you ever think about the last year of your life? Sometimes I imagine an old man looking back on the decision I am making right now, and regretting the choices I am making. That scares the hell out of me.

I know that there isn't a gran(more)
The ground was rust red beneath his feet, and the sky an inky black wrapped in the light of stars and bright Magellanic clouds, while the planetary rings loomed large in their erratic orbit and the violet aurora played across his upturned face.
My hands tremble as I make a feeble attempt to finish the Double Windsor around my neck. I can't believe she said yes. Honestly, I didn't think she would. I'm getting ready two hours early. I try to calm my anxious nerves, but to no avail.
The man sat down and began trembling, and began to curse under his breath, and then commenced to stomping his feet against the floorboards making the silverware on the table and the china in the cupboard in the corner rattle and clink, to the point where they threatened to(more)