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we r all tourists, snapping photos
thru the slats of windows, getting foggy glimpses of another life. we build houses on shifting slabs of earth
& accumulate, & accumulate
like rats in a burrow, like shitty hotel guests (more)
Tourists always bring back momentos from their journies for the ones they love. Sometimes, it is the smallest, cheapest trinket that means the most. The one that says ' I thought of you. Only for a moment, but for that moment you consumed my thoughts and I could not(more)
we wake up before everyone else just to watch the sun rise above the pastel horizon, without the excessive noise of children dropping ice cream cones and the scolding that comes from their mothers afterward.

when we walk like no one else is around us, with a tunnel(more)
tourists from other
planets notice the spread of
a single species
Honestly, Goto didn't know how Masayoshi could stand seeing his own face everywhere he went.  It hadn't started with the hero stuff, of course; Ishihara-san had been doing her best to get Masayoshi's picture in as many magazines and on as many TV shows as she could even before he'd(more)