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i was standing on the corner of main street and hawthorne when harrison reed's truck pulled up to the gas station, red paint peeling in the dim flatline of october's four o'clock sun and there, in the palm of his hand, was an open bottle(more)
it was a planned one-night stand. but not for him. i appeared on the 10:30pm train and appeared in a hip bar in a semi-central location at 12:17pm and appeared on instagram at 12:59pm.

1:07pm rolls around and he texts me. (more)
     The last thing I remember is that shape in the alley.  I'd finished my routine and I was having a cigarette outside by the exit.  I was exhaling these big fat snowclouds for Margy's amusement, and just stamping my feet on the pavement, it was so fucking cold.  She fini(more)