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with knowledge, comes idiocy
it's common sense,
that creates a balanced life
"You're too smart." She first looked down with only her eyes. Now rising, they lifted the rest of her face with them to produce a look of affection and excitement.
"Huh," rolling his eyes, "I hate it when people tell me that. The only difference is my capacity for(more)
They say "She's too smart for her own good"
I see the way they sneer
The gleam in their eyes
The look of anger overcomes me
Pushing my boundaries
Making me think outside the coloring lines (more)
I'm not too smart when it comes to girls. On my first date with Ginny, I spilled mustard all over her shirt because the dang mustard was stuck at the bottom of the bottle. I also told her she was pretty in a canine way. I mean it's true!(more)
The underside of her coat collar's wet. She's just come from somewhere that's been raining. I check to see which areas in the UK have had rain today, naturally quite a few but she's got a suitcase full of clothes and a crumpled up plane ticket in her pants(more)
She was only 7 years old, but she was wise beyond her years. She had seen things no child should ever see, and she had felt things no human should ever feel. Fiona was brave; she was noble. She exuded more strength than was right for a girl of(more)
There was never a time I thought I'd amount to anything, but then I met a teacher who changed my whole outlook. For once, my dull life meant something. I was able to connect with what I was doing and finally feel like I was worth it... However, elements(more)
He always thought they were too smart for their own good. They would over analyze situations, and it never got them in to any more danger than incorrectly guessing how a suspect would react because the suspects never thought as logically as they did.
"You can never know too much."

I beg to differ. I long for the ignorance of my childhood.

Knowledge is a burden, and there's a reason why people of higher intelligence suffer emotionally. Many geniuses go insane from the amount of passion put into their creations. The(more)
       Adults are smarter than children. Everyone knew that, everyone followed that, no one questioned it. The ones who did didn't live to tell the tale.
     It happened on a Tuesday. A very sunny Tuesday, which should have showed that something very unusual and/or bad(more)
We live in a world that does not value intelligence.

Greater intelligence will not give you a leg up in the job market; the thing that matters most is how likable you are. And unfortunately, intelligent people tend to be more introverted than most.

And people wond(more)
All my life I was called 'smart'. I got the highest grades, the most awards, the greatest honors, and I always came out with this beaming sense of optimism that I would go far in life. People had such high hopes for me, always telling me to aim for(more)
"Be on guard against too much cleverness!" Gautama Buddha says,  
"Keep compassion in your heart, don't credit your head!"  

Do they listen? No!   (more)