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As Mister Jacobson actually vibrated with energy, Mort stared at him glumly. Life was simply the worst. Day in and day out, the sun continued to shine. Birds insisted on endless chirping. People everywhere stretched there faces into the most horrifying upward curves, as if that could accomplish something.(more)
I gave myself willingly -- jumped into 'us', into 'you' -- and paid the price.

It wasn't enthusiasm and joy, but desperation and misery; the need to be loved by somebody or anybody to the point where I would take the least that you had offered and treated(more)
Too much for too little.

Too enthusiastic about your love life:
The woman you've been pining after for three years finally invites you into her bed. She asks you what you want. You don't know what to say. You don't say anything. You bite. And the bite bruises.(more)
I gave her a pebble. She took me to Everest.

I made her cry, she showed me the Nile.

There were nights of bats and bioluminescent creatures moving like galaxies sped up beneath rippling water.

Mornings held the promise of kisses. From her to me(more)
When you bum cigarettes off of me
When you say the word 'kiss'
When you notice my perfume
When I talk you out of everything I want you to say
I love people who love things.
People who love sports,
people who love anime,
people who love books,
or movies, or celebrities, or exercise.
"Do not get it too riled up, and do not become too enthusiastic; it may become violent when subjected to provocation and the intense emotions of those around it."  

The velvet cover is drawn back. The polite English men in the audience gasp and chatter. This is not(more)
we moved again
but we won't stay
another stop
along the way
i will not fret
i will not cry (more)
he stood upon the roof
looking out at the skyline
'an evening glow most beautiful'
an evening glow he'd miss

he spread his wings and leapt (more)
Black Friday sales, 10 people trampled.
Dave squashed his nose to the glass. His eyes gleamed like a child at a candy store as he peered out from the moonbase. He had read about the gates. He had watched every documentary on their construction. Dave found the narrator's droning had done little to capture the(more)
Enthusiasm is a powerful tool. Not everyone is blessed with intelligence but there is no excuse for a lack of enthusiasm. I'm in this boat. I bob about on the ocean which is mediocrity never really knowing what it feels like to accomplish anything of any intellectual worth. But(more)
Many people think that enthusiasm and excitement is a good thing. Though with his passion, it's just disgusting and twisted. Why should he get excited about sharpening up his best knifes and loading all his guns? About sneaking around the city in the middle of the night? About climbing(more)
Overdone it again.
Stop, my brain shrieks, but in vain, again. The fervour propels me on regardless, knowing the irrationality of it all.But no, thoughts swirl and fingers itch.
Calm down, go slowly,gently now and all will be well.
"Alright girls, Big Al's taken the goods, see?" The mob boss' hint went unidentified as he sat watching his men look nervously at each other. Maybe they did understand, but Big Al's name was a great foreboding.

"We gotta do somethin', don't we?" He continued. (more)