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When my big brother was young, my grandfather asked him if he liked to work.  Fortunately, he did. So, grandfather took a bucket in one hand, and my brother's arm in the other, and went out to the garden to pick tomatoes. My brother was happy enough, and my grandfather(more)
"Look! Look!" little Abby said as she ran back to the porch, " Aren't these the biggest berries that you've ever seen?" Her pitter patter of footsteps creaked the old wood as she brought them closer. She held one in each hand, holding them up high just for me(more)
Bran looks hesitant, an expression that Rabi has never witnessed cross his friend's face. "Well, see, the thing is... It's a bit stupid, but..."

"Just spit it out, Prince," Rabi answers, but not unkindly. "I want to get over to that food!"

"Well, I--" His hands cur(more)
she bit into it
like an apple (more)
I remember tomatoes being Melinda's favorite thing to eat. Before she fell in love, before she got sick, and before the chemo made her the most strikingly beautiful bald woman to grace the small streets of Winters on a bicycle with a woven basket full of early-girl tomatoes.
She's at the supermarket like any other day. The fluorescent light makes her skin look cold and pale even if, in reality, she has a soft and tanned skin.

She enters the fruits and vegetables aisle. She starts looking for carrots, cucumbers, peppers, etc.

At the same(more)
Maybe they aren't sweet enough for some people. Maybe they have too much of that bursting, tart kick. Maybe some stigma from the 1700s is still left over - you know, that tomatoes came from the same genetic line as nightshade, and had gotta be poisonous too. But I(more)
I want to see the girl who took my breath away just by smiling at me. What I'd give to have her round, inquisitive eyes staring at me, her red-as-tomato cheeks blushing at my presence, her crooked smile that she only kept for me. I want to go to(more)
Tomato rot in the fridge.
Gleam, it does, when you look the other way. Odd, why does it not want to be eaten.
Is it alive?
Of course not. It's a tomato. An organic tomato, with dwarf sized seeds and ridges and canals and pools of liquid, juices o(more)
I can still remember the weathered furniture we sat in, three worn wooden chairs around a wobbly plastic table.

Tomato parties were always Nadia's favorite. My tio knew a secret to picking the ripest ones. I don't remember it exactly, but there was something in the weight o(more)
How could such a silly little thing create this amount of blow out? Morning had stared normally- he had waken up, snuggled closed to Dave's sleeping form, spent a moment wondering if his breath was so bad that he could reconsider kissing him silly and decided to make up(more)
House of Cards was famous now, after the release of their hit single Glass Slipper and the follow-up album End Times. But the band wasn't always that way. They had first performed Glass Slipper three years ago out of their garage. High-school kids, mostly high or drunk, came to(more)
Tomatoes are such a queer little berry. It self identifies as a vegetable, which I find most admirable. It doesn't care what the other vegetables say, and it doesn't bother with the fruits. It just decided one day that it was going to be something more.  
Tomatoes fall apart when heated gently with a little water. She liked to simmer them down to an acid mush then introduce prawns, chorizo and sliced peppers. This, together with bread and salad, made for a nice, simple meal that was both tasty and nutritious.
"Is that really a bomb?" Saraswathi asked Henry Whitehall. "It looks like a tomato."
"Well, that's kind of the point," he said. "It looks innocent, but it's not. Someone is just coming to grab what looks like a delicious fruit, and it explodes in their face."
"But who would(more)