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i use you to soothe me
and you do the same
is that love?
I walked in with the rest of the family and they told me that I was allowed to pick a rosary, because they would be saying the rosary at four. There was a basket filled with various colors and shapes. Everything from traditional rosaries to ones called bracelet rosaries,(more)
Treble clefs and triplets; bass and silence. Sometimes all you need is a little music.
Feelings used to fade at first, fading away like smoke trailing off from a bonfire. Later, distraction was needed to take the tension away, whether it was a TV show or listening to music. Then came therapy; the meds followed soon after that. But no matter what skills they(more)
When you had nightmares you woke me up, and I would run my fingers through your hair until you fell asleep again. And whenever I started getting the shakes, you held my hand until I was still. I loved you; I still do. But your touch doesn't stop the(more)