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too good to be true
but i wanted to believe
i had to believe
your words spew out like lava from a volcano and i'm amidst the scalding spray of molten anger. they hit me and i'm in immense pain, not from the heat but from the realization that these burns will never heal. but i thank you, because i will forever have(more)
    Candice rolled her eyes as soon as I entered Java Hut.
    I knew what she was thinking- I found another straggler. And so I had. I don't know why I decided to bring him. Maybe it was pity, but mostly it was because he amused me.
    I sat dow(more)
a universal constant:
nothing is true forever.
how nice it would be
to be true to you, mother
and tell you that which i've kept hidden:
for what seems like a lifetime,
i have kept a small cat in my room
and those are not the floorboard squeaks, (more)
"It takes all I can muster to write this to you," I scribbled into the diary with the voraciousness of a madman lost into the depths of his own psychosis.
"For you, I risk it. I risk my own well-being to relay this tale to you so that you(more)