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I'm reminded of a web comic I've always loved. A stick-figured young woman fills her apartment waist high with plastic playpen balls. When her perplexed stick figure associate inquires about her motives, she says: "We're grown-ups now, and it's our turn to decide what that means."

I played(more)
you could see the cats
tighten up when the big dog
ambled by their yard
I landed my first job in the summer of 2012. It wasn't anything more than a part-time gig at a fast food joint (as a matter of fact, that's exactly what it was) but at the time, it was all I could have hoped for.

I had m(more)
There's a lot of things to see but I'm gonna need you to tighten up baby, tighten up.

What do you mean? Tighten up what?

Your heart. Your soul. Your pain. That little icky things inside you that hurt and sting. The vicious comments, the neglect an(more)