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Ticks frighten me. I've never had one, but that's possibly due to the fact that I rarely leave home.    

It's one thing to have my life force drained from me, as by a mosquito; but they basically use a straw. Anything crawling up my leg, into my groin,(more)
"Tick tock, Johnny boy; it's almost showtime. Can you imagine dear Sherlock's face when he sees how I've dressed you up?"

He smirks as he tightens the vest across John's chest. John doesn't shrink back when Moriarty runs a finger down his cheek, but his stomach rolls ove(more)
Soft skin and rosy cheeks
Small waist, don’t waste
Away your youth
Tick tock chimes time
- Fear it, they say
Harsh sun and white skin (more)
so many fucking clocks chilling in this room
three are digital
one on the laptop
one on the shitty cell
one is also a radio
and an alarm (more)
time fights back hard
always getting in the way
dangling hope with one hand
snatching it away with the other
keeps you waiting
searching for the prize in the cracker jacks box (more)
"Time waits for no man"
As the saying goes.
As we move forward
It seems to me that Gilmour was right all along
"Shorter of breath, and one day closer to death"
He sang to me on a cheap pair of headphones (more)
Hear that tick tock? That's mortality creeping up on you. Instead of wasting your time writing a novel no one would ever read, spend that time with a delicious doughnut from Top Pot.  

Top Pot Doughnuts. Instant gratification for a short lifespan.