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     I can't look to those eyes anymore; I know them too well. Those eyes know me better though. They are not to be trusted. They know my faults, fears, and failures just as well as my beauties, hopes, and successes. I'm vulnerable in those eyes, and I am(more)
i first saw those eyes
outside my tent in the night
then often in dreams
a bill to pay. an appointment to make with the doctor who talks to you about your stomach and intestines in that building you dont know what to call because it definitely is not a hospital. lunch with a childhood acquaintance; shes getting married soon! and then divorced. a(more)
Handcuffs were off-limits for a variety of reasons, so Goto had made do with a necktie from Masayoshi's immense closet, delicately looped around wrists and then tied firmly to the headboard.  "You're sure this is okay?"
In those eyes I see the friendly fire. I see the egg on the face, the mud and the tar, all the little ugly bits that tear relationships to shreds.

It's in those eyes that she first saw the volcanoes. The anguish, the angry, skin striking skin lik(more)