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She didn't know why she was expecting there to be food.

"This... isn't lunch."

He didn't reply. (more)
Mrs. Florentine set the table with two placemats and matching silverware -- one set for her and one for her husband. Just like normal.

"Hello, honey." She said without looking up. Her husband had just returned from his morning meeting for lunch. He smelled of cigarette smoke and(more)
I read, recently, that when you make friends with time, you are afforded the right to make mistakes. Time is not my friend right now. A bitter toothed school girl, with mocking in her voice, the clock laughs as I will her face to move.
-- (more)
"Hold on. You think this is a date!?"

"Well... Isn't it?" The evidence had seemed pretty clear to me up until about 10 seconds ago.

She huffed. "What gave you that impression?" (more)
"Hello Mabel. How are you feeling today?" The woman's voice was light and resonant, a breath of fresh air.    

I stared at her. There was something vaguely familiar about her but my mind just could not connect and make sense of that familiarity. Each try left me increasingly(more)