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Interesting to have bumped up against the wall of what I'm willing to write publicly like this. And so close. The wall I mean. Practically bumping my nose against it.

I'm really quite disappointed in myself. (more)
What if I had said yes that day and let you inside my splintered doorway, worn from a sun I haven't seen in weeks. From my kitchen window I look for you walking across the field like you used to, your boots caked with mud and spring. At the(more)
This is consent, not that. And that, not this.

Training on the consent line went like that (not this), for days. Just me and my supervisor, who hovered close, coffee breath on my neck, breasts brushing the back of my ribcage too often, on the line. We worked(more)
this is me
just like it should be
just like you pictured it that day
and last night or last year
when you said what you said (more)
I want it
I really do
Look me in the eyes
Tell me
I try so hard all the time
but I need to hear it (more)
I said no but he kissed me anyway.  Then he put his hand on my thigh.  

I said no again but he kissed me again, this time with tongue.  It made me dizzy.