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It was a ship full of murderers. One-Eyed Kent, who killed ten women and fled the country before he could be caught; Shiny Penny, who looks fifteen but claims to be twenty, murdered her father.; Al, who hangs rats by their tails and drinks poison to build up his(more)
Dawn arrives infused with liminality. Streets, lamp posts, cars, trees, early risers all shed the cloak of darkness, the frost of a world asleep, to become... what? Faint outlines thrust against the more-blue-now-than-indigo sky, silhouettes that have not quite taken shape, and so could take any shape. Is that(more)
"Nah, we're not really strapped for money." Yasha wiped her brow, sweat sliding down her fingers before she flicked it away. "Damnit all it's hot..." Just looking at Sai made them groan.

"The captain goes on a lot of solo 'missions' or whatever." Quinn added, fanning himself to(more)