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"It's a project for school."

"A sex book?"

"A book that won't be useful for some time."
when i was little
i tried to sew
my thinking cap
to my scalp
for i feared that
if i ever took it off (more)
What are you thinking about?

The stars? They sit in that dark abyss that is the night sky, blurred pinpoints of light. How far away are they, really? How much would it take to reach one?
Take these pills, my dear, my dear
Quickly, quickly, drink them down
they'll help you think
they'll help you dream
they'll help you sleep tonight.
It's time to put on my thinking cap. Ponder things for a long while. What am I doing? Why am I here? What do I want? Why am I even here? What ways can I improve myself? Why am I writing this?
He took it upon himself to volunteer for a chance to get closer to the landowner's daughter. The problem with that was, Joe had never done an honest day's work in his life, and that's what was called for.

"You get that barn up before the others," Mr.(more)
"There is no happy solution to this problem," Ellie sighed to herself.

Roger lay next to her in bed, snoring off the beer and pot. He still had his glasses on.
You like me.
I don't mind you.
Let our lips touch a bit.
Make out with me.
Whisk me away a bit. (more)
so put your thinking cap on,
remind yourself,
to lock the doors at night.
because one thing,
may lead to another.
and you won't dare forget (more)
I guess it started out as a joke, calling it the "thinking cap." But it stuck, because, what the hell else were you going to call it?

Twenty-three electrodes, wired into a thin helmet. Almost stylish. The electrodes registered your brains electrical activity, and pulsed with its ow(more)
Seattle fingers the label of the bottle.

It's been six weeks. He unscrews the cap and sets it down on the sink in front of him. His stomach churns in nervous anticipation. His fingers twitch with excitement.

Seattle is no longer ten years old. He understands the(more)
I put on my thinking cap and decide
Is it you or me or my life?
Can I say the right words to you,
Will they feel like they were meant to reach you in your arms,
Do I let you lean yourself on my shoulders? (more)
The baseball cap lingered on the desk, its embroidered logo gleaming faintly in the dusty light. The room had not been opened for a few months and papers lay strewn about the floor, some held fast by dried-up highlighter pens and chewed-up pencils. The woman moved towards the empty(more)
I do my best thinking at night. Weary thoughts and bleary eyes seem to lend themselves perfectly to brilliance, and there is something about the late night that beckons to me. There is an allure in watching the first rays of sunlight creep across my page as my lead(more)
The teacher had urged them to put their thinking caps on. He'd advised that the children may have to think outside the box as they attempted to complete their homework.

After much deliberation, Aoife had decided that she would need to ask her mummy later what the teache(more)