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is nothing
a thin layer of molecules
colliding and bouncing
it is no thoughts
no voices (more)
the wall used to be paper thin
and decorated with flowers and vines
birds settled on the top
and only they could see
what was inside
We left. On seas of uncertainty and drawn abreast by wings of fate we left.
Looking back on a life left unlived and forward to the vast emptiness of the future a steely resolve came over us. Wherever we might go and whatever the flow of time might bring(more)
plunged into my chest
to carve
& steal away my bleed
-ing heart
the same way you extract
-ed clean (more)
A boy and a girl are walking down the street, arguing. About what, no one truly knows.
"You're so freaking THICK, you're so stupid!"
"How am I stupid?! You're STUPID!"
"Oh so, we're playing this game now, really? I don't know if you knew this, but you're also a(more)
As they part he lets out a shuddering breath, staggering backwards even as he anchors himself to her with an unsteady hand until he feels the rough scrape of brick mortar though his shirt. "Wh-" swallowing, he tries to regain a bit of his bearings. "How long have you(more)
"You are an idiot," Edward Elric said, with about as much patience as he could muster. He yanked at the bandage and Rian Martin winced as it tightened around his hands. "And don't you dare even breathe a word about what you're thinking right now."
walls around me are
built up and they are strong how
can you crumble them
I knew Mal got the message out but they couldn't make it there through the storm.  Even if they tried to get to us they would be out of time.  Still, I wouldn't have minded if they made the effort anyway.  I saw Rog an hour before the boat got swallowed.  He was(more)
how thick would you say my skin is?
after every tear and rip i've put it through.
how strong will you tell me i am?
even though i cry every night,
thinking of you.
i'm not as strong as i seem, but everyone seems to disagree.
why does it(more)
I never imagined that you would really stay with me through... well... all of this madness. I thought that after losing my parents, my job, I was going to lose you too. But you stayed. Why? I'm not quite sure. Was it because every night before the welcome wave(more)
The clouds of Jupiter came in front of them, every color, every sensation, as deep and thick as the eye could see. They'd seen the images in textbooks, but it was never like encountering it with the naked eye. Beneath those clouds, they'd been told, were a thousand, million,(more)
The sun was shining, the birds were screaming in glorious cacophony, the trees dripped, and the shadows clung to the ground. He wiped at the moisture on his face, a perpetual companion of his, ever since entering this humid place. Perhaps his only reliable company-- the rest seemed to(more)
"I can't eat that."
"What? Why not?"
"That's a hockey puck, not a cookie."
"But I made it for you."
"I'm pretty sure you could kill someone with that sugary monstrosity."
"Couldn't you at least try it?"