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They were like us only better
a mix of everything we are not
similarities only arising in the exterior
same pug noses, same freckled cheeks
but underneath the superficial
they were simple mechanical operators (more)
          They were drawn together, magnetized; or they were thrown.  
          This process was relatively quick, or maybe it was slow, this being dependent mainly on one's vantage point. Two bodies in motion(more)
He wasn't certain what he was seeing. It could have been a dark rain cloud, or a flock of birds, or a haze of smoke, or a swarm of locusts...

As it came closer, cresting the drought-browned, rolling hills, he eliminated the gaseous options. Individual shapes were diving(more)
they were all inclined
to think the worst of us both
time will prove them wrong
they were upon the hill singing folk songs
They were just like the others. Mean spirited, spiteful and at times, could kill a man forty yards out with just a glance. They swept up the townsfolk with disdainful glee, and gave not a notion to what the protectorate wanted.
What was wanted was a showdown, last man(more)