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I could hear her angry obscenities. The hole she had created, by punching out the cafeteria window, made for great acoustics.

“Thank God you are here.” The Vice Principal said, opening the door. “Another one of your kids is freaking out.”  I tried not to roll my eyes.   (more)
Coquettes in baby barrettes
Crowd around me in multiples of three
Laughing cheekily, with high cheekbones
Slurring carelessly, stumbling aimlessly
Cigarettes and silhouettes
Form rings of smoke and dark shadows (more)
Allison regained consciousness under the concerned gaze of at least thirteen people. She was soaking wet and didn't remember how she became that way. As the concern melted into relief, she realized the water was salty- ocean water. The only one to help her stand was an unfamiliar woman.(more)
In second grade there was a roving gang of girls known as the “Kiss Club”. They spent recesses tracking down and kissing every boy who fell into their ghoulish clutches. There was a bothersome double standard that existed at school – if boys chased girls we were benched, but(more)
A small golden figure was lying half buried in wood chips under the red slide at Buffalo Park. Kevin spotted it first, bounding onto the playground at lunch, and he snatched it up, making to pocket it before anyone else noticed, but Ellis was right behind him. "That's mine,"(more)