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Linings and rainbows (more)
The hour when you wake is drowned in a certain kind of silence. A silence so complete, it smothers the world, and everything outside your bedroom ceases to exist. Sunlight begins to creep in underneath the blinds as you bury yourself in your pillows, desperately seeking one more minute(more)
The waking hour is one of darkness, filled with doubt and fear and uncertainties that are too fragile to see in the light of day. You wake in a whirlwind of confusion from a dream that you hope was mere fantasy. Your mind swirls with dangerous potentials that you(more)
the waking hour for
predators: evening sunset
twilight gloaming dusk
Tik's watch was always the last. He usually spent it on the outrigger, sitting with his arms around his knees and thinking, occasionally scanning the horizon. Some days he would bring the pitted board and stones with him, and think through some problem of the stone game. Others, he(more)
The goddess will only rise once during the waking hour, and within it she will prophesy, and she won't repeat herself and she could tell us a lot about the next year and if we don't write it down we'll forget, so that is why you must learn your(more)