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it starts out calmly
but then the seas grow choppy
it's sink or swim time
He didn't normally get seasick.
This, however, seemed to be the exception.
Months at sea seemed to have broken through his resistance and he had just finished heaving his guts over the side of the ship.
He ended up flat on his back, staring up at the pristine sky.(more)
Amelia groaned as the pain of tripping and scraping various parts of her body settled in. She was breathing heavily; she wasn't sure how long she'd been running. All she knew was that she had to get as far away as possible, before the school officials (And eventually the(more)
"During this voyage of a lifetime, always remember..." The priest's nasally voice trailed off.

"Remember what?" said Captain Harkner.

"Just... remember," said the priest. "In general. You'll never complete your voyage if you can't remember things! That's why I'm staying safely here at home: mind like a(more)