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For being a child who was pretty nonchalant about everything I would always get a bit of nervous angst built up for some unknown reason. After keeping calm and staying still every now and again I would have to let this energy out. Sometimes it was a large, visible(more)
It wasn't so conspicuous at first, just a slight sneer that would cross her upper lip, distorting a little the perfection of her face, the symmetry that graced each side of her face.  Last week was hot. I watched a perfectly formed bead of sweat streak gracefully on the delicate(more)
The walls passed by him with unbelievable speed. This ride would not be forgotten- so much so, that any time he achieved appreciable speeds, by vehicle or elevator or any means, he would become terrified. You couldn't see it in his demeanor, just the twitch of his left eye's(more)