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The truth is...I've never told it
I'm not the honest type
Fiction is my forte
I do not walk this street alone
Look at all of you who follow
and all of you ahead (more)
There are two kinds of kids in the world. The ones who are told that thunder is the sound of angels bowling in Heaven. And the ones who are told that bowling is really a sport.  

It was a big letdown when I found out the truth about(more)
Hearing selectively
Trusting the government
Setting the alarm clock
Having faith in the lord
Checking the speedometer
Waiting for the end of the world (more)
The truth is, I've been holding back more than I let on.
I don't understand why I find it so difficult to let you know how I really feel about you.
Maybe it's fear that keeps me quiet.
I think I'm afraid if you knew how strongly I fe(more)
The truth is, you see, well, the truth is that I am not me. Nope. Not one little cell not a long blond hair not a flashing brilliant smile of me is really truly and actually me.

No, I am not a clone. Don't be silly. If I(more)
It's like you give me five minutes of air every twenty minutes
The truth is that love is fucking crazy and I’m not. But I’m foolish enough to want to be crazy and she’s pretty enough to look crazy. And if that isn’t love, well then, it’s just crazy.
Ray lived down the hill from our house on Main. He had been there as long as I could remember, a fixture like any other: a streetlight or a Chevy pickup. When the flood began he was the first person I thought of. For as poor as we were,(more)