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"Don't go on the thirteenth," the psychic said down the line. "Bad luck. I'd wait till mercury is out of retrograde too. But honey, when you do leave it's going to be the first day of the rest of your life."

Barbara thanked her and put down the(more)
On the thirteenth, the laundry was all piled up, begging to be sopping wet, tumbled, folded. Blue stripes and pink cotton underpants peeked out of the mix. No laundromat demonic entities in sight. On the thirteenth, my mother called and asked me to send her a local jar of(more)
The thirteenth time was the charm as Bailey lobbed his knotted string of sheets up through the window of the abandoned warehouse.  Somehow thirteen was always the charm, which had ceased to surprise him.  All his life he'd gotten lucky when others tripped, stumbled, crashed and collided under the strang(more)