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You see yourself reflected everyday; mirrors in the bathroom, shiny polished silverware, glass windows, dark pupils.

When, you ask yourself, will you ever grow up? When will you one day stop recognizing yourself when you look at your reflection, when will you grow into the beautiful woman everyon(more)
A man who has just failed walks into a bookstore and is agitated. He does in fact want a book to read, but if he chooses the wrong one and it turns out to be depressing and badly written, well, that's not what he needs now! Everything already feels(more)
I keep it to myself. Making the pretense of anger, as opposed to worry. I pretend to not have a care in the world. I walk around laughing about the ridiculousness of it all.
"How silly!" I'll exclaim.
"How stupid!" I'll interject. (more)
It was an icepick through his heart: longing in his heart like a rainy day in Venice.  He was like that when she was far from him.  Thirty more minutes, that was all he wanted.  She had seemed older than she was, but still she refused him.  He prayed she'd stay by him,(more)
And so how will we paint this later on? How will we dress to excuse, to hide, to cover? Or will we highlight, underline, and embellish? Will we find a way to talk about it or will words fail us when the time has come? I don't know which(more)
The success of Bill Gates is amazing  ,he changed the world ,
and got rich  and deserved to. His wife and him are now spending their fortune on fighting disease in 3rd world countries. Probably one out of a hundred billionaires
would even consider doing that.
   The success that(more)
"The only success you've had is in royally pissing me off!"

My father paces the basement with a hammer. He slams the metal head into his palm so many times I'm surprised he's not bleeding. He's muttering something as his feet shuffle across the cement.

"Dad, listen(more)