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We were beautiful,
the four of us,
racing across
that soccer field,
high on mushrooms,
I play soccer with a human head, please call me back as soon as you can.
(Please read the previous story I wrote for some context)

Sometimes to put a spin on things, she had me do other weird things people paid her to ask me to do. The soccer field at our school wasn't too big. It was surrounded by a 1/8th mile(more)
Jake had me meet him down at Barnum Rec, on the grass, where the two of us played soccer in middle school. I floated around on defense, he was always in the net. It worked because people always misjudged his reflexes, which were much faster than you'd expect for(more)
I hate the soccer field. Its so wide and spacious, almost like it could swallow you whole without so much as a warning. For the five years that I lived beside it, never once have I felt anything but pure resentment towards it. My friends think that I'm crazy,(more)
It no longer
It no longer grows
It no longer needs mowing
It no longer sustains further life
It is all about plastic and rubber pellets
How sad.....