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Every time we do something bad it's always the last time, and for a while, it truly is. Then our tantalizing frontal lobe begins whispering sweet nothings to us. "It's not so bad." "Everyone else does it." "It's not like you're dumb enough to get caught." And lo' and(more)
I pestered Daddy until he set me back atop the slide.

"Just one last time," he said, not knowing the truth of that statement.

The next Saturday we found a bulldozer in the park, demolishing the playground to make way for some stupid water feature.

The rain stopped falling yesterday, or clouds stopped forming, or the water stopped evaporating, or something happened. Rivers ran dry within a few months. More remote villagers were forced to abandon the houses that their fathers lived in, and their fathers before them, and move towards civilization. I guess(more)
Some people are always quick to say  the last time I did that or the last time I was there. Most of the time it is said after
someone is talking about some exotic place they have been.
Or if you say you were in NY and went to th(more)