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When you're writing a thesis, it's the pruning that gets you. When all the words have been writ,
and an innocuous sentence floating on a single line of chapter 3
makes you feel like you should recompose the whole damn thing.

So you uproot it, rework it. Sow(more)
There’s nothing quite like having coffee outdoors on an early summer morning, is there? The sun begins to scorch the dew from the leaves, and, oh, the smell of flowers and fresh grass! I’m no romantic, but my, if the landscaping doesn’t get me in the mood to whip(more)
empty drawers, space in the bookshelf, walls that are covered in paint and nothing else, a heavy lump of a bag hunched in the corner, saying pick up, go, move already.

before the things spread across the surfaces of things, little pieces of life and trash, things onc(more)
man has taken the
planet's landscaping out of
god's hands for a while
Her heart was overcome with relief. The police were nice enough to leave her garden untouched after their invasion.

She notices fresh rows of radishes and carrots that have begun sprouting up. New life reaching up through the dirt like little hands stretching up out of their graves.(more)