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The wind is cold. She thinks to herself I love the smell of the gas.

The stained black notebook is resting on the seat. Bethany takes it from the car and begins to read it.
the gas station you
stop in and fill up and leave
to burn a tankful
She stands on the corner in front of the gas station as the rain pours down around her, watching the passersby scurrying by under their raincoats and umbrellas.  She's wearing a hat herself, but not out of any desire to keep her head dry; it's simply part of the Moel(more)
Coffee in paper cups (small, medium, large or extra large (don't forget your favorite flavoured creamer; french vanilla, irish cream or hazelnut)), Snickers (regular or king size), Mars (with or without almonds), Wunderbar, Kit-Kat, Tropical Mike and Ike, Regular Mike and Ike, Swedish Berries, Wine Gums, roasted peanuts, c(more)