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A century or two ago there was a linguistic shift in the use of certain consonants in what we call the Romance languages (French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and Romanian). One of the most evident shifts was that of 'f' to 'h' in certain words. This little bit of knowledge(more)
one of the
few things
that keeps
me sane
is that when
i'm called (more)
I took the sacrament into my body and could feel it integrating with my mind.  The spirit fused my senses into one so I could better apprehend her message (though it still was not always clear).
I cannot relate what it was she imparted to me for it was beyond(more)
Words fall short for you
When your cowardice disables
the use of your words.
the f word the c
word the other c word the
n word next letter?
    The first time you hear it, you're four years old, bright eyed and innocent as a cherub. Your dad is shouting at your mom, throwing one of his huge anatomy books at her. She's crying, her raccoon like mascara staining her heavily painted face. He yells, "Fuck you, Mari!(more)