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You know, you could face your problems unabashed.
They say each day gets easier.
The hardest part is showing up consistently.
'Showing up' however, is myriad in its tough knuckle mystique.
"I've never been broken up with," I confessed to my Guinness.  The stout gathered its foam thickly below the lip of the pint glass, froth crawling along like the line at a bank with no television.

The bartender indulged me. "So you're a big heartbreaker, huh?"

I swirl(more)
Gotou greeted Masayoshi at the door with an exhausted, exasperated expression. "Guess which one is yours," he said by way of greeting.

Masanori sat against Gotou's hip, face tucked in to Gotou's chest and chewing sleepily on one end of the superhero cape that was safety-pinned to his(more)