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There is a painful beauty in watching the transformation of carouseled creatures becoming what they once were.
The tigers seemed to snap and snarl the most, and one of the wooden lions roared in agony as paint-chips flew from the force of his thick mane taking it's rightful place.(more)

Too much or
Not enough

Too fat
Too skinny (more)
The entertainment one gets at to Top Pot is unbeatable. Jugglers, puppet shows, mimes... they have none of that. But there are some ugly people who show up and you can make fun of them.

Top Pot Doughnuts. Point & giggle but not too loudly, now.
“Did you see this shit?!”  Maggie broadcast her disgust to anyone within earshot as she ripped a screaming yellow poster off of the bulletin board in the breezeway.  The newly loosened shingles in the cache of “roommate wanted”s flapped their disapproval as she stormed by.