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Jimmy tried not to let the nerves show.  The crowd was enthusiastic but had not wandered into total drunkenness yet.  This was the opportunity he was waiting for, had waited for all night.  
It's his closing act
It's his chance to be something
And he fucks it up
Anna and I met mis en scene, already in love. All we- the audience/protagonists- had to do was catch up with the story. Those first nights were long and expository histories, at first filled with our best stories and moments and then with our darker hours. All of those(more)
Its amazing how we got this far,
feels like we spent our whole lives chasing,
the dream, the wish, the goal.
I never thought we would actually make it,
now that we have, I have my doubts,
I have my reservations. (more)
His breathing had become laboured.  As I sat beside him, I could see him deteriorate.  He was failing, and fast.  For so long now I had been bracing myself, preparing, psyching myself up and now that it was upon us, I all of a sudden felt so rushed.  It was as if all(more)
you act is pretty good if you like to pretend but your act is almost done. just take your bow and wait for what your good at the closing act
Everyone was in position. The Corilino brothers had the stage manager tied up in his office. Simon had the Girl and James was all set up by the stage lights. Three months of planning and the night was finally here. This was it. Tonight we ether live or we(more)
sometimes i like to
watch the closing act first, then
go back to the start
“Dammit man, close his eyes! He is staring right through me!”  Jonathan clenched his pocket watch through his three-piece suit. The doctor pulled the eyelids down, but the corpse’s face remained menacing.