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The blade of deceit:
Often invisible, soon
Found lodged in their back
The blade of haunting words
Fell fast and true
And soon its victim
Fell fast too.
the blade of the plow
sliced into soil undisturbed
for a million years
You, boys are on in five" said the fat bartender.

“I guess that us” Hank said as he threw his switchblade at the wooden floor, the blade sticking two inches deep.
"Now, Miss Anya, that ye've become accustomed the blade, learn to dance with it."

"Damn it all, Jeshua, I thought that's what I was doing. Or should I call you Armicustos, now?"
The blade glinted in the sunlight, so black that the glinting gave off a deep shade of purple. The girl holding it was standing on the top of the hill, looking down, observing the bodies.
There were twenty-two of them, splayed out, their eyes staring at the ground, their(more)
Did I fucking tell you about Billy Johnsons? You know we dated right? Rough, butch guy like him, couldn't resist. Let him put his grimy hand up my skirt the first night. But, christ, I wasn't really resisting. He was cheap date, but that motorcycle felt hot between my(more)
The blade went deep. At first he was frightened, but as he watched the blood slowly drip, he felt relieved. The sudden realization of total loneliness entered his mind and that's when he started screaming.

His mother, dead in his arms, had lifeless eyes. (more)