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something like red ruby pomegranate pearls, iced, then crushed, then strewn over whipped cream. something like the sun melting a sliced watermelon into embarrassing shrinking watery flesh.

the glass pot he gave me broke. (more)
james carefully examined the smooth bed of stones near the shore of the lake before finding a nice flat one. he skipped it over the surface of the water, watching with pleasure as it bounced three or four times.

"nice," i said. (more)
(con't from nuclear option)

     James pulled into the church parking lot. "How do you know it's going to work?" he asked, putting the gear in park.
     "If you were a guy like Frank would you let some asshole diddle your wife?" Lyle got out of the(more)
That goddamn wedding was the worst thing I ever had to do.
Everything was perfect of course, the bride wouldn't have had it any other way. The venue was set to absolute specifications, the band was glorious, the minister knew exactly what he was doing, every bridesmaid looking he(more)
worst case, that wedding
of  brains and aggression will
doom the human race.