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She tries to find herself in his words.
Always she searches for a double meaning, an innuendo, a twist to whatever it is he actually wrote.
She's in there somewhere, this she knows above all else, although it's become an unspoken game where the only prize is a feelin(more)
It comes over me like I've been punched in the face. I can feel the my irises adjust slightly, everything realigns, focuses.  My skin cells multiply, my hair tickles, goosebumps.  I'm suddenly aware of my environment.  All of my somatic functions are operating at optimal levels.  It'(more)
In that moment, you shimmered with the light of a hope I had long lost. You were infinite, while I was forever bound by the plaguing inadequacy that gnaws on my bones and renders me motionless. Every cool touch of your fingers on my skin was riddled with reminders(more)
That moment of epiphany that hits you like a bomb.

That moment of seeing what you've missed all along.

That moment of hearing the voice that's been calling you.

That moment of prayer in the very last pew.
I could have lived in that moment of serenity forever. Not yet entirely awake I can sense everything in the house. The heating system clicks for the first 10 minutes of its day as the pipes expand and breathe their warmth. The smell of the active kitchen tells me(more)
I was confused for a long time. Everything had changed very suddenly, and evidence pointed to that not changing any time soon. If anything, it was just going to continue changing. I didn't know what to do anymore - barely even knew who I was anymore. I was waiting(more)
That moment of hopelessness when you think you've lost everything. It's that point where you can feel the air stop around you, becoming stale and warm. Time stands still. Nothing moves, no dust and you can't even find the strength to blink. Everything has stopped and you're stuck in(more)
horrible, horrible, beautiful pain.
(Re: Inexplicable)
Corbin twitches into wakeness with the soothing touch to his aching back. It feels nice and relaxing for the first moment, then he looks over his shoulder and sees--
the Blackbird--
his eyes are wide, enraptured--
fingers moving over the (horribl(more)
In a moment of absolute clarity you realize exactly what you feel - hatred. Pure and undiluted hatred, a deep sort of loathing that permeates to the core of your very soul. You have this pressing need to keep him close, to hold him tenderly only so he might(more)
Good morning
that moment of curses
and bottles and flowers
in the pillow

Last night is a headache (more)
Extended fingers,
smooth cheeks--
(ah, tickles)
knuckles tracing apples,
foreheads resting,
counting freckles, (more)
Not knowing what this feeling is
That pull and twist on my insides
That makes me try extra hard not to show you anything on my face
But knowing it all in my eyes and my mouth
I bite my lip in regret (more)
Making love in the afternoon sun
In a hotel room
Above the alley
Where winos are looking for left over bottles
Making love in the afternoon sun
Beneath a painting of a cobblestone road (more)
It was strange, having a funeral for someone who's not really dead. The night Dave died, we were all sitting around him, the whole family. And me. I was sitting outside, though, giving them some room. I'd been Dave's best friend for years, so I was his first emergency(more)
You're about to speak into the silence. He's leaning forward in his chair, brows raised slightly, eyes searching your face for...something. What, you aren't sure. A cautious tranquility has settled in your limbs. You feel heavy, rooted. But this isn't the time to be still. He's looking at you.(more)