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someone should write a song for the imperfect girls. i don’t think i look like an angel dressed in white or that the world stops when i smile. i'm not that girl. almost no one is that girl, and anyone searching for that girl is going to have a(more)
The chunky lady at the booth looked familiar.
"May I take your drink order?" I asked her.
She looked up. "Oh...are you by any chance Samantha Ryder?"
"Yes," I said, surprised. "I am. You are...?"
The lady smiled. "Patricia Moore. Remember me?" (more)
i'm never gonna be that girl.
the girl with the perfect hair, perfect makeup.
perfect life.
i'm never gonna be the girl that always has a boyfriend, that's always surrounded by a group of friends that dote on my every word.
i'm never gonna be the girl whose photos(more)
why didn't you offer your hand when she tripped?
used to be the queen bee, but
her face wasn't plastic, or even paper-mache.
it was a canvas, perfect features and regularly tinted red
from giggles and from blushing (more)
I'd walked through that door a hundred times. I knew what would be inside. I even vaguely knew who would be. But I hadn't expected that girl to be there.

Hadn't expected her to be who she was.
You know which one.
So airbrushed in her photos - photoshop perfect.
But I know Victoria's Secret.
She isn't real.
That girl is poison. She caresses with a corrosive finger, leaving her targets forever scarred by this encounter. And she has chosen you. Her noxious fumes are absolutely intoxicating, and as her breath fills your lungs you know more than trying to leave her unscathed, you'll be lucky if(more)
I was the girl in school that nobody knew about.

People swarmed around me as I walked through the school hallway, but no one looked at me. Even if their eyes were right in front of mine, I didn't see any acknowledgment of my existence.

I wa(more)
A moment for myself.

Sweet, tired, indecisive,
The same cycle of overused jargon,
I don't count seconds
But I perceive in thirds of time. (more)
This brings to mind half
of the individuals
I know, but which one?
This, here.
This here is a topic for discussion
classe - estamos listos?

Orale guey. Calmate.
When it comes to you, there's so much punctuation. Commas, question marks, and exclamations override my head. and a lot of dashes -
hahaha - oh
Its funny when we laugh(more)
It was Victoria's first time in Baltimore for the summer. The heat was sweltering, and even the usually prim and proper (in her dress, if in nothing else) Victoria found herself picking out less clothes. She didn't mind too much, though, since it meant other girls in Charm City,(more)
That girl was the one that he wanted. The one with the long blonde hair and the brown eyes. That was the girl he had been after for about a year now. That was the girl that he wanted to shove a knife into, the one he wanted to(more)
she's too tall, he says
insecurity is not pretty, he says
i don't want to be with a girl that doesn't eat, he says
those better be cat scratches, he says
i'm glad you're so skinny, he says (more)
My weary eyes meandered toward the window. The sun was streaming in, lighting the opaque room. The light highlighted the blood stains that enclosed the room as my head became dizzy. My whole world seemed dazed as the locked door mocked me with light from the window.
To me(more)