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The night before an exam, you pace with a sheaf of underlined, folded, coloured up papers. Up and down, up down, your shadow flutters from your room (a solitary lightbox in the otherwise dark house).

At our dining table outside, my elbows smudge two uneven, concentric circles into(more)
Down in the cafeteria of Mondel├ęz International, two hundred employees mill around, eating lunch.  The room is large, and the glass walls and glass ceiling run high.  The sun shines through brilliantly.  Conversation between the employees is stiff and awkward, with even the best of work frien(more)
I am not afraid of spiders.

I scoop them off the floor and keep them in a cupped hand while my girlfriend stands on a chair.

"It's more afraid of you, than you are of it," I say, and put the spider down in the hedge belo(more)
He panics the first time they take him aside to reprimand him.
"Where were you when we were doing group prayer? Christian said he had to lead the cabin to pray out the storm because you had disappeared after lunch."
"I'd been deliverin' their letter, sir," he replies, h(more)
On a desert road a car can be seen travelling at a modest speed.  Every layer of dust it approaches lifts aside and leaves an honor guard of smokey earth in its wake.  When nothing else passes the honor guard of dust disappears and lays down to wait for the next(more)