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that terrible voice
telling me that I am loved
what a lovely lie
Just shy of fucked,
A cracking sound of
Accompanies a grey line moving
Across a screen.
This will be the first I know of you, reciting slowly.

I will close my eyes to find you resemble
One whose body
Was so close to mine,
On a nigh(more)
My sister has a terrible voice, if you can say such a thing about the recorder. The recorder is a type of voice, is it not? She must have to learn "Edelweiss" for school, because that's what she keeps playing over and over again.
Because she's only in grade(more)
When Tony arrived at Donnie's house, he was sitting on the couch, singing quietly into his phone.
"Honey is for bees silly bear, besides there's jelly beans, everywhere..."
Tony walked over and gesticulated at Donnie to wrap the call up. Donnie glared at him and flipped him off as(more)
They went to a karaoke bar for their first official date. They were fine with the way things were, holding hands on the way home and kissing in the rain, but as people say, variety is the spice of life. Plus they were done with exams anyway, so why(more)
To be honest, it really was a whirlwind. He was as theatrical as can be, always fond of the over-the-top public declarations of love, the needlessly elaborate grand romantic gestures... hah, there was the one time he went for the classic balcony serenade. He's got a terrible voice, can't(more)
It was a terrible sound, moaning and pleading by turns as the young woman restrained in the chair tried to make it through the first of the calming rituals. The Audras in the room with her prompted her every three words or so for the next part of the(more)
In the end, he had the most terrible voice. It rang in her ears when he was hundreds and thousands of miles away, bouncing off the insides of her skull as if her brain weren't there to cushion or stop it. It whispered words like "us" and "this" and(more)