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*fell asleep while*
Sandra Cisneros once said that each age is a layer that lives under our skin and forms the people we are. Sometimes we'll feel like we're in our twenties, craving novelty and neon lights. And other times we'll feel like we're twelve again, uncomfortable in ou(more)
The sound of sharp, serrated objects being raked across an uneven surface has always made me cringe. For example, I hate filing my finger nails when they get too long. It's not just the sound though; it's the feeling of my jagged nails grinding against a coarse surface. (more)
The firehall is across the street from our house and it's a terrible sound, hearing the trucks bolt into action at any time of day.

Over coffee in the morning, or in the evening over drinks; suddenly the sirens will banshee to life and they'll sound the horn(more)
Every night, I wake up from nightmares that end with that terrible sound.  Not that it sounded gruesome or disgusting, it can actually sound lovely in other ears.  Yet, whenever I hear that sound: my hands tremble, I stand still in fear, my heart stops.  

For five years, I've been(more)