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This is a story of two girls. (Not 'the' story, 'a' story. That is a very important distinction.) One of the girls is very beautiful, the other is very sad. They both want to tear you apart. The reasons for the aforementioned tearing apart begin with you tapping one(more)
gentle demons
demand gentle deeds
I was so focused on my work that a sudden tap on the shoulder startled me enough to make me jump half an inch off my chair. With no hesitation, I turn to see my ex girlfriend. I looked around scanning the coffee shop almost in disbelief that she(more)
A tap? Who would tap me now? Joe? Joe just wasn't funny enough to keep me entertained. Eric? Eric's dinner hadn't, well, agreed with him the other night. Steve had up and quit breathing two nights ago. So who would tap? My quiet little abode had been hidden enough.(more)
"Keep walking, trust me on this. I'm very well aware you have no clue who I am. Certainly you have a hundred questions going through your head. You're about to turn around now, I know it, but feel that? That's a gun in the small of your back now(more)