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The world was watching him now. His mother and his father, his sisters, his friends, and most of all, all of the United States of America. His radio let out a noise, and a voice traveled through the cockpit. "Can you hear me, Orion I? Ian, can you hear(more)
I don't know how to explain it, but ever since I was old enough to walk, I knew that I could fly. There was no obvious evidence; I tried and tried again to jump off objects ranging from fences to the low branches of trees. Every time was a(more)
she packed her life
carefully into brown cardboard boxes
each labelled
each meant for trash

I let it fall (more)
It's everything they said it would be, and more! The colors are more vibrant than ever and every sound is a symphony orchestra tantalizing my ear drums. And the shapes! Oh god, the shapes!

They are the most wonderful geometric objects that dance and shuffle before my very(more)
"Now seating group 4."  

Jim's glanced up at the attendant on the PA system without lifting his head. Why do they always wait for me to get engrossed in this dumb game before calling my seating group? Jim sighed, powered off his phone, and rolled his head aroun(more)
At five years of age, the boy is short in stature. He wears a blue basketball jersey, the lack of sleeves making it even more apparent he has yet to lose his baby fat. A mop of bright red hair shoots chaotically from his head, and his face is(more)
    It happened every year. But that didn't make it any less special.
    Every since he was one years old, Tommy had always had a fascination with birds. It was the only thing that would make him happy, calm him down. He was a fussy child.
    Every year,(more)
The hiss of the lighter filled the silent air as the joint was lit. She sank backwards into the couch cushions, taking the harsh inhale, and holding her breath, hoping this would be the hit. The haze drifted over her eyes, and she felt herself relaxing, like every muscle(more)
"Look," said Orville, "I think we need to rethink this."

"What's we rethink?! We know it works! We saw it crash," said Wilbur.