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I can feel the pounding of my heart thumping loudly in my chest, beads of sweat gradually drenching my body as I run through the thick, humid air. The dense foliage of the jungle welcomes me, swathing me in its virescent abundance as I embrace my newfound freedom. (more)
I was at the corner of fifth and Vermouth
trying to drown my sorrows,
I didn't know the little bastards could swim.
Smooth, dark wood and dancing neons.
Bottles lined up like dominos.
My words have taken anchor in my throat. (more)
You lie down in the snow, eyes fluttering closed as the cold envelopes you like a tomb.

You know, many years ago, you had been left out in the cold as a child. Purposefully. To kill a child with your own hands is shameful; to allow them to(more)
it's a foreign word to me: boyfriend. it doesn't seem to accurately embody how i feel about you. sure, i like you, maybe even adore you, and true, you are a boy and a friend and we are more than friends but what is this word--boyfriend? i don't understand(more)
It's too late, I just started the book. And now, not even hellfire or the sharp words of teachers will separate me from it.
She dreams of a time when everything was different, when she had everything she could want. She laughs as she plays with her friends in the meadows by her home, full of hope, full of life.
She blushes as she's courted by her first love, the summer turning everything(more)
accomplished so divinely in her living,
a woman of glass & pretty strangeness
shattered me completely with her wiles.
wild she was--& i told her this true--
"my sweetness," "my goddess," "my queen"
played muse (a game & she the child). (more)
The prince, when his home bled
The inventor, when she was not fed
The soldier, when his father shouted
The robot, when she doubted

The boy, when his mind corrupted (more)
I'm taken
Not by a man or woman
But by life
I'm constantly moving forward
Trying to keep everyone happy and normal
But I rarely succeed (more)
Their souls were a pale white, sparkling, before their innocence was taken.
Her innocence was taken at age fifteen
(she had to provide for her family).
His innocence was taken at age seventeen
(he pulled the trigger). (more)
They took souls.
It was possible now, but not many people knew it. If you were a dissident, a protester, if you varied from the sacred norm...
And that was where she was now. Lying on the table, naked, but covered by a thin white sheet. Behind her lurked(more)
She thinks of a time when she had everything. A life worth living. She had friends as far as the eye could see, people who adored her, maybe even loved her. A boy liked her and she liked him back. It was a time of pure bliss.
You from me.
You have taken more than you can chew I see. Would you like a little help with that?

I'm sorry but I have no more hope to offer.
I am taken with and by the world.  Its sights, sounds, and smells amaze me - one day you'll see all that glitters is gold.  To be a rock and not to roll.

I am taken by the subconscious.  It pours out into the nothingness.

I am taken with the(more)