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Ten stairs left.
He leaned against the wall. It hurt to breathe each step was agony. "Stop, Just take a moment to rest. Sit down and close your eyes." That voice wasn't helping.

Nine stairs left. (more)
I walked, so slowly up.  I took each stair one at a time and would ensure that both feet came to rest upon each step before proceeding.  At the top I began again to descend, not knowing the angle.  Each step, one by one.
Without thought, I realized that my life had(more)
Take the stairs!  I am never going in that elevator again . Why what happened ?? You know I live on the 23rd. floor, well I got in the elevator it was empty.  I pushed 23 and it started up , it stopped between the 10th and 11th  floor and the lights(more)
With every step I take, descending lower into the darkness, the crooked wooden boards squeal under my feet. My open eyes are blinded by the dark and my heartbeat accelerates as my footsteps hesitate their descent down the hallow staircase. The only sound is my heavy breath, the squeak(more)
The door was already barely open and with a slight touch it swung open. The swinging door was like a search light exposing what the darkness was trying to hide. Even with the new found light the place was dark and in an old wooden chair sat an old(more)
The last part of the instructions 'Take the stairs'. I walk up to the tiny stair well and look up. Looming over me there are hundreds of stairs leading to a tiny pin prick of light at the top. "What am I doing here, there's no way I can(more)
Grey stood with Jen at the elevator waiting for it to come down. Grey could feel a pit in his stomach, twisting and turning, radiating gravity like Jupiter, pulling his body into his abdomen. He closed his eyes and tried to concentrate on what he would say to Jason(more)
"The stairs, the stairs you bloody git!" The man yelled, frantically pointing in the the direction. "Take the damn stairs!"
The idiot didn't seem to understand that when the building is on fire you don't take the elevator, standing there staring at space. Of all the times to tune(more)