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I like when one of your arms wraps around my waist and the other reaches for my hand and our fingers intertwine as our connected arms bend upwards at the elbows and you start to rock me from side to side and we dance. Subtle. No music. No beat.(more)
Beneath a silent forest floor
Where a brook sings so loudly.
My mind begins to swim
With a lost love that is no more.

The green creeping up the rolling knoll. (more)
That exotic pull and tug, the tease of being close one moment and so far away the next. Formal, yet intimate. Solid steps (they have to be or you'll fall), that flow with the music as if weightless. Set motions that communicate so much more. A look, a sigh,(more)
The next time Vriska got out he was there again, just like he said he'd be. John was sitting on a bench near the park where they'd first met. As she neared him Vriska couldn't help but wonder how long John had been there, because while it was already(more)
her elbows pressed against the rail. the wind blew her loose curls into her mouth. she grimaced.

the dancing had been dizzying, the music too loud. the people smelled like cheap perfume and hormones.
The heat weighed myself and my wife down. We laid on the springy motel bed refusing to look at the colorful bedsheets. The patterns made our heads spin and our stomachs knot. Still, we made no conscious effort smother the heat with the ceiling fan. We simply stared at(more)
"Take me dancing," she whispered to me softly.

The night air was cool on my skin, the wind sweet and melodic, flowing passionately with the sound of music coming from the open doors behind us. People swayed and stepped to the beat, in rhythm with the rich melod(more)