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       When they told me their idea at first I was fucking incredulous. "You girls are fourteen!" I laughed. "You think I'm gonna take you that far?" The tallest of the three, a girl with legs for miles and an affectation for lollipops glared at me. She was their(more)
Take a book along everywhere you go.
Read it on the bus, in the back where no one else is sitting. Read it over lunch at a place with fresh baked bread. Read it with your headphones in, but with the music off. Read it in the park, after(more)
Out to conquer the monster, neh?
Out to conquer your demons.
But before you go, take these along.

A sword, which is your wits and ambitions.
A shield, which is your knowledge and patience. (more)
These tattered clothes sit folded, ready to be packed. Stains and tears are trapped in their fibrous remains.

A laptop, full of bits long forgotten, slides into a satchel, worn by the years.

This room, with its posters ripped and its air stagnant, contains  little left of its(more)