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I want to take a chance, but I'm so afraid of everything. When the time comes to push the button I freeze until the screen times out and then I tell myself that it is too late to do it now. I spend hours picking it apart until it(more)
"Take a chance," he told her, meaning: surrender all your wisdom. Give up all your hard-earned good sense.
take a chance they said
and he did because he thought
he'd live forever
Lately, Masayoshi caught himself staring at Goto a lot.  He didn't MEAN to stare, staring was RUDE, but sometimes it was like he got stuck on an eye or an earlobe or a hand and then he'd blink and realize that three whole minutes had passed in an instant.  If Goto(more)
noon time in Ohio: The greyhound is taking passengers to and from.

Ima wa koko ni imasu kedo... (not in Ohio)

After seven hours of medleys invade my eyes and ears one question resounds in me.
"When is happy hour?"
The children in the city had formed into small renegade bands, distorted reflections of the gun-toting gangs that prowled the streets. None of them were old enough to remember the days when silver and red automobiles prowled along the wide thoroughfares and tall arches and domes had not yet(more)